It seems like the only time I update my news section is when I am no longer able to venture into the outside world.  Instead of a one day polar vortex, we now have months of sheltering in place, and as we should.  On one hand, this has been financially devastating to those of us in the gig economy (musicians, artists, actors, service industry).  But on the other, with no more live performances on the horizon, many musicians have been forced to hunker down, woodshed, and create in new ways.

On the production side, we are continuing to work on Nicole Amine’s forthcoming debut LP.  We recorded live rhythm tracks for 8 songs several months ago at Shirk Studios; while we wait to get back in the studio, we are working on overdub ideas and prepping for a potential first single.  Meanwhile, another album I co-produced a few years ago with Louise Kelly is beginning to see the light of day.  Check out her new single “Loneliest Town” out now on all streaming platforms.

As for my original material, I have been inspired to finish old ideas and create anew because of a pleasant surprise in the songwriting community: writing challenges.  From writing a song in a day to writing based on a single phrase, songwriters are keeping busy and creating entire albums worth of material.  I’ve workshopped some of my new songs in Facebook and Instagram Live shows, and will hopefully continue to release more in the weeks and months ahead.

I think I can speak for my peers when I say we ALL miss creating music together and interacting with friends, fans, and complete strangers.  Until that time comes again, keep checking in on your favorite artists, watch some live streams, and listen to a lot of great music.
Stay safe out there, cheers



YbIwsrQH (1).jpegSince most of the Midwest is shutdown due to the Polar Vortex today (-50 windchill this morning) I figured it was a good a time to post some updates! 
2019 is off to busy start: lots of shows with my friends Jess Robbins, Nicole Amine, and Jeremiah Higgins, as well as my student band, The Aviators.  Additionally, I’m officially playing out my original songs starting THIS SUNDAY.  I’ve been writing here and there, and it’s time to workshop them in front of actual people (and try not to throw up).  Look for details in my Instagram and Facebook feeds soon.

Also, 2019 is apparently the year of the podcast for me.  A longtime listener of shows both popular and obscure, I sat down for my first interview last week with my friend Reuben at The Pop Goulash Podcast.  It’s a long episode, but good conversation about our favorite concerts, my lack of movie knowledge, and the importance of the Beatles.  Take a listen at the link above or find the show in your favorite podcast provider.  I'll also be jumping behind the mic for a few other shows coming up soon, so stay tuned!

Check out the tour page, come hang at a show, and keep making art out there.  Cheers!



YyNlSNZg (1).jpeg


Last week, we released the new single by Nicole Amine, Need That Sound. This is the first single off of Nicole’s upcoming debut EP, due out in 2019. This was a really cool song to work on (bass, guitar, Wurlitzer, Hammond, tambo, and co-production) and I think Nicole’s voice is hot fire. Recorded and mixed by Stephen Shirk at SHIRK Studios (Chicago) and mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Marilyn Manson, Ani DiFranco, Arctic Monkeys, etc) at Magic Garden Mastering (Los Angeles).
If you’re a fan of Adele, Amy Winehouse, or Fiona Apple, I highly recommend taking a listen. And stay tuned for the EP to drop next year!